Holiday Health – Wellness and Balance

Holidays are essential to give your mind, body and soul a break. It helps to restore your natural balance and improve feelings of wellness. So, it’s important to use every moment to unwind and allow your mind to be free to embrace and appreciate your new surroundings and experiences.

This is your time to be carefree. Try and find time each day to get outside in the fresh air, whether that’s walking along the beach by yourself, breathing in the freshness of the sea air. Or a walk in the forest of fields.  Wherever you are, it’s important to stretch your eyes….and by that, I mean finding a space where you can use your ‘long-vision’ where you can gaze in to the distance. This is most likely different to your normal surroundings when you are in cities or busy places and use ‘short vision’ where your brain is literally whirring and processing so much ‘data!’ A holiday is the perfect opportunity to relax the brain and take in some awesome views along the way.

Find a local yoga class and book a couple of sessions which is a great way to let go and relax. I know this can be hard if you are on a family holiday and have young kiddies to entertain…but if you can, make a deal with your partner, friend or relative to have the children for an hour even twice in the week or more if you can, so you can give yourself a chance to be in this moment for a moment 🙂

Caffeine is a real stimulant that so many of us rely upon each day to get us through.  But when you are trying to relax and switch off, it can be hard if you are feeling the effects of coffee. Try to limit coffee to one cup and avoid drinking any at least 2 hours before meditation – more if possible. If you feel like you need a burst or a pick me up then suck on a GLUCOTAB for a gentle boost without the side effects.

My last tip is to STAY IN THE DAY.  We spend so much of our life planning and thinking ahead. A holiday is a great chance to let this go.

Have a great trip and make some awesome memories, all!

Want to try meditation? Check out Lucy’s ‘how to’ mediation blog and give it a go.

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