Holiday Health – Essential ‘ME’ time

Make meditation a part of your weekly routine. Here’s how …

Find somewhere quiet, away from distraction, away from other people, this is your time, your moment to relax, to connect with your inner soul and to let your fears and worries pass. I like to be outdoors if I can to meditate. I feel connected to myself more and when I am struggling to remove myself from my thoughts, zoning in on the birds tweeting or the breeze in the trees helps me silence my mind.

Now you have found your place of relaxation and freedom it’s time to meditate. Time to disconnect form your daily thoughts and reconnect to your inner self.

Get yourself into a comfortable position. I suggest seated cross-legged with a pillow under your bottom. Sit tall, imagine a thread going all the way through you and pulling upwards to keep that back straight. Rest your hands softly on your knees. Take three deep breaths, inhale through your nose sucking in the fresh air into your lungs, count 5 in and exhale 5 seconds out of the mouth. Repeat this 10 times. While you inhale imagine breathing in positivity, freedom, fresh health, happiness, all things that you want your life to hold. Then, when you exhale, breath out the negativity you may be holding onto, thoughts of guilt you have put on yourself, or perhaps heart ache you have –  anything that is having a disruptive vibe in your life and your emotions.

Start to connect to your body, focus on each small area of your body, from the tingles in your toes, moving up to your knees, perhaps you have had trouble with knee injuries, focus on how they feel, send them healing vibes, keep the focus moving up to your hips, through the stomach, feel how the breath hits your lungs and fills your body with fresh oxygen. Let your shoulders drop and relax while you engage with the feelings in your mind. Let your jaw relax and if you are gritting your teeth, then drop your mouth slightly open. Now focus on that breath, breath in for 5, exhale for 5.

Be aware of the noises around you, don’t react, or be distracted, just be aware of them. Let the sounds of passers-by, or cars, or even the sound of the sea (if your lucky enough to be meditating on the beach) just drift by. When your thoughts come into your mind, just the same as the sounds around you, acknowledge them, be aware of them, but then let them also drift by, imagine them as clouds in the sky, existing, but floating by peacefully, you don’t need to react to them, they are just thoughts that have no place in your mediation today. This is for you and your only thought is on your intention.

Try and have one intention for your meditation, it can be as simple as being kinder to yourself, that’s one of my main intentions when I meditate, I feel that we are all so hard on ourselves these days, and it can drag you down. Lets try and teach kindness to our thoughts. Shower your mind with only positive feelings; use only words that will build you up. Let the negative drift on. Be proud of your body and what it does for you, it wakes in the morning, your heart beats strongly, rest your palms to your heart and feel it pump, you are living, you are centered, you are balanced.

With these thoughts of kindness spreading through you, lay back, hands on chest and legs flat, let your heels relax and the feet drop outwards. Let your body completely rest, feel weightless, let your problems slip by. See yourself how you want to be seen and how you want to feel. See the smile on your face, how you are standing tall and proud. Imagine stepping into that person you see, that is your true self, let that happiness wash over you. Hold on to that feeling.

Slowly start to reconnect with your body again, from your toes all the way up through your legs, to your shoulders and then the top of your head, start to slowly wiggle your feet and fingers, and take a very slight turn with your head from side to side. Begin to listen to the sounds around you and gently open your eyes. Rolling on to your side prop yourself back up and let your body and mind adjust.

I hope that this has helped you take a few minutes away from the struggles and strains of life and adjust your thoughts and intentions towards a more balanced happier you.

If you’re not feeling like meditating due to lack of energy then why not try a GLUCOTAB just to give you that extra push.

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