Six Weeks Holidays – Calm Your Kids Down Activities

Summer Family Fun! Thanks to Holly Matthews, our Family & Wellness Ambassador

The six weeks holidays are nearly here and those of you with young children are probably experiencing mixed feelings – you’re excited and looking forward to spending quality time with your children but also wary of how much hard work it will be. So I’m here to help with some useful ideas.

I’ve shared fun ideas in my ‘Tire Your Kids Out’ blog but now I’d like to share some games and activities that will help to calm your kids down. You really want to aim to tire your kids out in the morning and then calm your kids down in the afternoon – this will help make bedtime easier too.

So here are my ideas, enjoy!

  • Water Painting – all you need is a bucket of water and a paintbrush, the kids can ‘paint’ with water on the pavement outside or on the patio in the back garden. This keeps my girls busy for ages and is very therapeutic.
  • Bead Necklaces & Bracelets – this activity takes a lot of concentration, focus and good motor-co-ordination, all great skills for your children to learn and they have something nice at the end of it too.
  • Lentils / Salt Sorting – we use a Yorkshire pudding tin and fill some of the holes with lentils or rock salt. Hand the kids a spoon and let them sort, play, and move the lentils around. This is great for younger kids and toddlers.
  • Themed Drawing – I set my girls a challenge of drawing something with a particular theme e.g., summer holidays, good vs. evil, superheroes, magic etc. and then see what they come up with.
  • Kids Yoga – you really don’t have to be a yoga expert yourself, just find a few nice stretches, put on some calming music (plenty on YouTube) and get your children to copy you.
  • Meditation for Children – now don’t freak out, this doesn’t have to be anything more complicated than getting them to close their eyes whilst you tell them a calming story. Check out this video I did here with my girls to give you some ideas.
  • Happiness Collage – get lots of magazines and get your children to point out things that make them feel happy, or words that make them feel good – the more colourful the better. Stick them on a piece of paper and then ask your children to chat about the things that make them feel good.
  • Touch Test – this game involves getting objects with different materials and asking your child to close their eyes and touch each one. They must then guess what the item is.
  • The Smell Test – the same as above but using a different sense.
  • Reading – simple, but the best, read to your kids, get them to read, read in a den, read cuddled in bed, read as they bath, read in the garden – it creates a bond and helps their wonderful imaginations.
  • Sketching & Colouring – these are lovely activities to do with the kids and really promotes concentration and calm, there’s a reason adult colouring books have become such a big deal, so get involved and enjoy the calm time together.
  • Singing – OK, I know not all of you are going to be blessed with a gorgeous singing voice, but who cares, your kids won’t, so get singing and have fun together.

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Don’t forget to check out Holly’s blog on how to tire your children out, more great advice and ideas!

Got any tiring or calming activities to do with the kiddies? Tell us your ideas on our Facebook page and we’ll be sure to share them!

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