Six Weeks Holidays – Tire Your Kids Out Ideas!

Summer Family Fun! Thanks to Holly Matthews, our Family & Wellness Ambassador

The summer holidays are quickly creeping up on us and as a Mum of two girls under seven I am already prepping stuff to do so we can have fun and, well, stay sane!

Trying to organise action packed days, everyday, for six or seven weeks of the holiday isn’t feasible, so please let yourself off the hook immediately and remember that children need to learn to occupy themselves – it’s an incredibly important part of their development. They don’t always need to be handed something to do, allow them to get bored and see what they come up with.

There will be quite a few ‘at home’ days, where the children can get inventive and be the masters of their own creations but you do also need ‘action’ days so I have come up with some lovely ideas to help you out. And although there are plenty of things you can spend money on, these ideas will cost very little and can often be a lot more fun.

From my point-of-view it’s all about 1) tiring the kids out 2) calming the kids down 3) staying sane as a parent and enjoying the time with your kids… this is what I’ll be talking about over the next few weeks so stay tuned!

Today, it’s all about games and activities to tire your kids out:

  • Indoor Disco – crank up the music and encourage the kids to jump around (you know the old saying ‘dance like no one is watching’). Get involved too, your kids will love to see your moves!
  • Activity Bag – write various quick aerobic activities on scraps of paper such as jumping jacks, hopping, forward rolls, cartwheels etc. Fold and pop them into a bag. Each child then draws them out of the bag and gets to work.
  • The Lily Pad Game – put rugs, cushions, or even bits of paper onto the floor, all around the room (or out into the garden). These are your ‘lily pads’ and you can only move across the room using those. If you fall in, a shark will gobble up your feet (obviously!).
  • Garden Games – a garden assault course is an all time fav in my house and consists of making a trail across the garden from one end to the other (this can definitely be adapted to indoors). Get the kids to climb over and under things as they move across the assault course. This could be a timed race to add competition.
  • Animal Charades – write down different types of animals onto scraps of paper and pop them into a bag. The children must act out the one they pick, while the others guess. You could make this harder for older kids by making it silent animal charades.
  • Bubbles – blowing bubbles and popping them in the garden – simple and easy but hours of fun (well, at least 15 mins!).
  • Love Lyrics Game – put on some music and the kids must act out the lyrics (check that the lyrics are child friendly first!).
  • Animal Races – kids love the element of competition and they must race each other as their chosen animal (bunny hopping, frog jumping etc.).
  • Sports Morning – mini sports days are fun too, think egg and spoon races and if you have enough people, the three legged race (where a pair tie two of their legs together and run or walk side by side, working together).
  • Finally there is always the CLEAN UP race, where you give the kids a list a jobs to do around the house and put a timer on how quickly they do them. They must tick as they go and each job must be done correctly, with a prize at the end. This teaches them good life skills and you end up with a cleaner house at the end of it.

Tips for Mums and Dads…

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Now the kids have had lots of exercise, read Holly’s activities on how to calm them down here.

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