Welcome to the GLUCO range. Our super fruity tabs, juice, and ISO means that whatever the day throws your way, you’ll have the OOMPH to overcome, the GRRRR to get it done and the BOOM to hit a home run.

All GLUCO products use fast-acting glucose to provide a real alternative to more traditional energy drinks, bars and tablets. Totally and utterly free from caffeine, artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives, you can rest (or run) assured that they’re a great way to help tackle your day…

So go on, get up and GLUCO!

Get up and Gluco !

For the ones who need to push through the night to finish the job. For the ones whose cunning dreams convince them they’re already up. For the parents who start the day with a 4am cartoon. The DIY-ers who aren’t too sure if they can do it themselves. The gardeners, the revision crammers, the dog walkers, the joggers, the gym goers, and the gym nearly-wents….